Stand up Desk that motivates you

5 Things to Motivate you to Exercise More

I’ve been trying to find new things that can help motivate us to exercise, and I have found some!

Fast Beat Songs

Battle Music

I find that instrumentals, particularly very fast-paced ones can really make us move faster. I’ve been able to work out like I’ve never been once listening to a battle song.

Laptop Desks on the Treadmill


(Click here for tutorial on how to make your own)

Wow, I think nothing would be better than being able to use my actual laptop on the treadmill. Before I saw pictures, I didn’t even know it was possible. Great thing is, you can even make it yourself if you got a plant of wood and some tools.

Calorie Watch

Calorie Watch

The image above is the Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor. Calorie watches can help you keep track of calories burned and heart rate. If you’re like me and hate exercising not knowing what you’ve actually done, this is perfect for you!

Stand up Desks

Stand up Desk

Stand up desks are great motivating you to actually stand instead of sit. In the past when I was able to do that, I found myself standing a lot more. You have to remove the “comfy” chairs first because that will make you want to sit more.

Microsoft Surface 2

Surface Touchcover

Forget the ipad, I would totally go for this because this acts like a laptop with keys, but you can use it as an ipad. Seriously, this is just so perfect for treadmill and other workouts where you can put it somewhere and watch something.

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