Give the Gift of Health

We often have to give people presents, right? Birthdays, Christmases, Mother and Father’s day, the list goes on. But instead of, say, buying your loved ones a regular cake from the store or the latest movies, why not give the gift of health? Here are some ideas for what you can give:

Bake a Healthy Cake

This is perhaps the best way to celebrate a birthday, bake a chocolate cake that’s actually healthy! Instead of using regular white flour, try using a combination of spelt flour, whole wheat flour, brown rice flour and oat flour. Seriously, you can’t even taste the difference. I’ve made a cake with cauliflower (making it nice and smooth) and it turned out so wonderful and you seriously can’t even tell it’s there. You can sweeten it with dates, raisins, sweet potatoes, brown rice syrup or even fruit preserves you can make on your own, such as blending a fruit and cooking it for a while. Instead of adding butter, olive oil works brilliantly!

Vitamix Blender

In the US, you can get the cheapest one for $380 (not true in Australia, though!). It will be seriously a wonderful gift if you can afford it. All health, in my opnion, starts with a blender, because then you can actually make things!

Make them an Inspiration Board

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Inspiration is one of the greatest things ever, because it inspires you! Lots of people may not be willing to take chances, and we need to remind them that they’re so much more capable.

Health/Recipe Book

Do you see a book that’s super awesome and focuses on health? Get it for them! It will probably explain many things that would take you ages to explain!

Take them to a Vegan Cafe for Lunch/Dinner

If you live near the city, you’ll surely come across some. When I was in LA, I had the best time in Dr.J’s Vibrant cafe, that served nothing but vegan food. It was so good, that it’s so easy to become addicted. Another few cafes I absolutely LOVED are Suncafe and Cafe Gratitude. It was pitiful that I couldn’t go there more than once cos they were so far away, but places like these will completely change your view on vegan food (even raw).

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