Secret to Good Tasting Vegetables

Some vegetables have secrets to making them taste great. Here are what I’ve discovered:



The secret to broccoli, I believe, is miso or salt or soy sauce, and they should be a little crunchy. I remember in the past, anytime broccoli tasted good was when it was stir fried with miso and not overdone until it’s mush. When you add in a little salty flavour, it will completely take away any bad taste that broccoli has.


This one shouldn’t be a surprise, massaging the kale is the key to making it taste better! So, try it.


Try to dry out the tofu before you cook it, as even extra firm tofu is very wet and would become all gooey if you leave it as it is. You may want to stick it in the oven for a while to dry it, or leave it out.

Green Beans

Well, if you just steam green beans, I’m sure you will squirm your eyes if you try to eat them, unless you happen to LOVE the taste of it. Green beans in my experience, tastes absolutely amazing cooked with garlic, soy sauce, oil and mushrooms. Steaming them with no flavour or microwaving them is death to its kind!


If you really hate the taste of celery, perhaps nothing will work, but if you don’t mind it, try cooking it with some carrots, cilantro and give it lots of spices and soy sauce, because that even makes me love celery, when I usually don’t like it as much.

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