Green Tea Bag, Oatmeal and Honey Acne Mask

Ever since I was inspired by Bubzbeauty’s video about using green tea bags as an exfoliator, I’ve been going crazy with ideas on how to use this, and I created this new mask today.


You will need:

4 tablespoons oat flour (feel free to add more)
1 used teabag
3 tablespoons green tea
1 teaspoon honey
1 teaspoon lemon juice

Note: The amount here can be used two times.

Rather than using oats which doesn’t seem to melt unless you cook it, I decided to try out oat flour, and to my surprise, it worked it extremely well!

Get your used green tea bag ready:

Remove all the small leaves inside the bag and put it in the bowl. (Some days, I get lazy and just use that directly on my face!)

Next, add about 3 tablespoons of green tea that you just brewed. I always drink mine after a workout, then take a shower after.

Add the lemon juice, honey and oat flour.

(Yes, this is just one tablespoon, keep adding until it’s nice and thick!)

Now, you can use this mask on your face.

Firstly, rinse your face and use a soap (I love using my Carley’s Clear & Smooth Acne Treatment for Adults) or face washer to thoroughly wash your face.

Then, apply the mask all over and leave it on for about 20 minutes while you do something! Soon, you’ll feel that the mask will harden a little. Use this opportunity to also give yourself a face massage!

Seriously, I can’t describe just how good it feels after you remove this mask… LIKE A BABY’S BUTT!! (Erm, maybe not the best way to describe it, but it’s true!). I’m not sure that I will ever be able to stop using CLENZIderm but I do try to stick with home remedies whenever possible.

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