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Hair Removal at Home

The feeling of smooth hairless skin is second to none and absolutely essential to feel sexy and confident. If it’s Summer or we’re going on holiday we need to be sure our legs are looking their best, not to mention the bikini region.

For a long time hair removal was tricky to do on your own and you had to pay a lot for a professional service. Waxing is now the most popular way to remove unwanted hair because it gives the best results. Waxing can often last for weeks or months at a time, compared to shaving which is a repetitive chore.

Waxing at home is becoming more popular and cost effective for everyone. For a long time only the brave waxed because of the risk of pain. These days if you’re careful with your products and do it right you can end up with great results and no pain or irritation.

Waxing Beans

Waxing beans hair removalFor anyone who hasn’t heard of waxing beans, they’re the hottest new trend in waxing and providing some really great results. Using waxing beans allows you to do away with expensive kits that often have 5 or 6 products and keep the whole process simple.

Waxing beans are a simple concept. They are essentially small pellets of wax which can be applied directly to the skin. They melt over an area and harden on the skin grabbing a tight hold of any hairs. They can then be gently removed by hand, taking the roots of any unwanted hair with them.

With waxing beans there’s no need for strips or cloth and they’ve been found to be even more effective. They can be used on all areas you have unwanted hair, including armpits, legs and intimate regions. They’re affordable, effective and simple to use at home.

Benefits of Waxing Beans

Wax beans are becoming more popular all the time and it’s mostly due to the simplicity of the product. There is currently a debate about which wax is most effective, hard wax or soft wax, but hard wax is generally considered better. Waxing beans are made from hard wax, this allows the beans to melt at lower temperatures on the skin but still become hard to pull out the hair.

There are also a number of other benefits to using wax beans:

● Painless waxing
Waxing beans are designed to melt evenly and distribute themselves over an area before become hardened. Once hard they can very gently be pulled back to remove the hair. The special formula stops the wax beans becoming sticky, only allowing it to grip the hairs which can then be removed. This means a pain free wax experience.

● Simple home waxing
Waxing beans are all about simplicity. With the wax alone needed to achieve results it makes it stress and mess free. It’s perfect for home use without having to buy up the whole aisle of products.

● Blemish Free Skin
Wax beans are made to peel off without causing any irritation to the skin. There is no friction and no risk of cutting or bruising to the skin, keeping the whole area soft and free from marks.

Waxing beans are the new way to get the smooth skin of your dreams. If you haven’t tried them before then you should be sure you check out the new craze in waxing.

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