Healing Benefits of Peppermint Tea

Ah, when I first sipped on peppermint tea, it instantly reminded me of all those peppermint candy we used to eat, like the Christmas canes. It was a great memory, only this wasn’t sweet. It’s interesting I had never tried it till I saw it as one of the teas in my hotel during my vacation.

So, here are some benefits of peppermint tea:

Aids digestion.
Relieves the symptoms of Irritable Bowl Syndrome.
Relieves diarrhea.
Relieves nausea and vomiting.
Relieves headaches
Relaxing, and can help sleep.
Relieves indigestion and intestinal gas.
When you should not drink Peppermint Tea:

Though there are plenty of benefits, there are a few things about peppermint tea you should know. It’s important not to go over with peppermint as large amounts may cause some problems.

Peppermint tea relaxes your muscles, so if you suffer from acid reflux, it may actually make it worse.
Which brand do I buy?

I get the Twinnings brand, but you can make fresh peppermint tea by mixing peppermint and spearmint leaves. You can either get them fresh at the supermarket or grow them!

When to drink Peppermint Tea:

Sip on it 30 minutes after a meal to help digestion.

Sip on it before bed time to help you sleep better.

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