5 Vegetables that taste Delicious Raw

If you’re starting to or wanting to try out the raw diet, let me give you a list of five vegetables to start off, because I personally believe they taste really good raw.


Unless you’re like my husband who thinks cucumbers are bitter, I think they are one of the greatest things meant to be eaten raw. I actually think cooked cucumbers taste strange, and raw is better. You can mix cucumbers in salads or even chomp on it on its own. I like adding a little soy sauce and vinegar to the cucumbers to spice it up.

Rocket Leaves (arugula)

The first time I ever tried this was on top of a pizza and it was raw. Oh boy was it good, and then I was hooked! I think this goes brilliant in salads, on top of a pizza (RAW) and sandwiches


Though I did hear somewhere that cooked tomatoes are easier to digest, but tomatoes is like cucumbers, when you eat it, it feels as if it’s meant to be eaten raw. (Though I still refuse to believe that tomatoes is a fruit and not a vegetable!). Again, this is a must for salads and is very delicious, even if you just eat it by itself.


I didn’t even know this until recently that when you rub shredded zucchini with salt and leave it for a while, the water drains and when you rinse it, it literally tastes as if it’s cooked, and it even gives it a little pasta taste. This is something you may not have imagined, but please do try it!

Baby Spinach

Baby spinach is so great in salads, smoothies and anything! The good thing is, there’s not a big strong taste to it so it blends well with other things. I think baby spinach taste amazing dipped with a little chili sauce.

So even if you’re not usually a fan of raw vegetable taste, try starting off with these!

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