My Food Philosophy

It’s funny I’ve been blogging and writing up recipes so long but have never really gone in depth with my food philosophy. Well, here it is!

My philosophy is that we should eat food for health and enjoyment.

Here are the main important points:

I eat mostly a plant based diet.

Food must taste good but also give us nourishment, therefore I don’t usually eat processed or packaged foods or refined products like flours or sugar. Sugar must come from natural sources and not overly processed and become 0 calories. But not to go overboard either.

The more veggies, the better.

Go with whole foods and make them from scratch! Instead of buying bread, I like to make my own.

We shouldn’t go overboard with eating one certain food, because even healthy things may turn bad if we have too much. In other words, I like to eat in moderation.

Eat as many different types of foods each day as possible. I believe that every different food has its own uniqueness. We should try and eat at least 25 different foods each day. When I blend them in a smoothie, that is much easier!

I do have occasional meat and fish, mostly chicken, turkey or white meat. I rarely eat beef, pork or lamb nowadays. The only diary I sometimes have is Greek yoghurt.

Why do I eat Vegan most times?

I don’t like to label myself a vegan as then I feel restricted, but I eat mostly a plant based diet because I just feel that it is healthier for me. I used to get all types of problems like heart palpitations and headaches when I was eating meat. Since I made the change, my health has improved so much and I rarely get headaches.

I also feel that eating a plant based diet actually gives me more energy!

Why do I have meat/fish once in a while?

Before I turned to plant based foods, I was obsessed with meat and fish. To this day, I still miss it. So instead of completely cutting it out of my life forever, I will have it once in a while, if I go to a dinner or lunch with people.

Raw and Cooked Foods

I’ve read conflicting articles where some say raw is better and others say cooked is better, therefore I try and make it 50/50. Half of my meal is raw, such as the smoothie I make in the morning and sometimes I do a really nice, big salad or raw vegan dessert. Then, I also like to stir fry some of my vegetables and eat cooked rice. I often boil soup or bake veggies as well.

Raw: Smoothies, salads, raw desserts, raw tacos or zucchini pasta

Preferred Cooking Methods: Boil, Slow cooked, Stir fry with lower temperatures, bake and steam. I try not to have charred foods (when parts of it turns black) and I always fry with extra light olive oil rather than extra virgin, as that has a higher smoke point.

Baking Temperature: My favourite baking temperature is 350F.

My Most and Least Eaten Foods

Things I never eat/drink: Refined sugar, softdrinks (sodas), anything with trans fat, red meat.

Foods I don’t eat a lot of, but occasionally will have: White meat, yoghurt, refined white flour, packaged foods, soy products, 100% fruit juices (they make my teeth sensitive at times).

Foods I eat in moderation: Nuts, seeds, natural sugar.

Foods I eat a lot and every day: Vegetables – lots of greens, fruits, oatmeal, avocados, whole grains like brown rice, quinoa etc.

I eat for health, because health is happiness!

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