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Are you your own Worst Enemy?

In life, we’ve faced so many challenges, but what if your worst enemy is yourself? Let’s look at some circumstances when you may be your own worst enemy.

Giving Up your own Dreams

Are you smashing your own dreams because you don’t think they’re worthwhile or that you can do it? Time to believe that anything in life is possible. Often, fulfillment and accomplishment began with a dream, and you’re the only person who’s throwing them away by giving up on them.

Beating yourself Up

This may be due to a bad childhood experience, that whenever you experience something negative, you will blame it on yourself or beat yourself up. I think in situations like this, you really have to look at what the root cause is and confront that. Most often, it will relate to what you were told as a child. The good thing is, positive affirmations really do work and can help you, so try starting the day with telling yourself that you love and accept yourself the way you are.

Giving yourself too much Deadlines/Work

I think the good thing is, if you give yourself too much work, you can also trick your mind. I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself to think of articles to write each day and things to cook, to the point that I actually can’t sleep well in the morning because I know I need to get up to do it. How I trick myself is I wrote my two articles for tomorrow today, so that I am a day ahead. It’s silly but it just works for me so well!

Over Analysing

I always do this and it drives me crazy, and that is whenever someone say something slightly negative, I will take it as the worst thing ever, that means if I showed someone a song and they said it was okay, I’d think they thought it was the worst song in the world. I am still trying to work on that one, but I know sometimes, we just need to stop our mind from thinking too much on it. Sometimes, you may even find that the more time you spend thinking about it, the angrier/more upset you become.

Your own Fears are Stopping You

I’m a naturally fearful person and often, fear rules my world and stops me from talking to certain people, going to certain places or taking risks. The best way to get over fear from personal experience is choose something you really desperately want to do and love doing, yet you fear, so you have the motivation and will to do it. Then along the way, you may find that you’ve learned so much and become a lot braver. Fear often diminishes when you do something so much that you gain confidence.

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