Scalp Massage to prevent Hair Loss

This isn’t one of those “try it, it may work” thing. I’m telling you, this works absolutely brilliantly for me.

(This isn’t a picture of me, by the way!)

A while ago, I was finding hair all over the bathroom every time I washed my hair. The most irritating thing was, they keep clogging up the drain and eventually, the water doesn’t even go down anymore. Not only that, my hair loss is pretty bad to the point that you walk in the bathroom and find hair on the lose, wrecking havoc at every part of the room.

So, what is the best way to prevent hair loss?

This is a method that works 100% for me, but the pain in the ass thing is that you have to keep it up. So you can’t do it for two weeks and stop because your hair has stopped falling out.

Scalp Massages

Put both hands on your forehead and let your fingers massage this area, then work your way around the head.

Massage every part of the head (scalp) as hard as you can possibly take it.

You may feel something strange, like a numbness or pain, sometimes it may even feel as if you have a headache. Don’t stop at that, because having these sensations is a good thing! You’re stimulating blood flow and increasing circulation. It’s a great self healing technique that not only cures hair loss, but all types of other problems, such as headaches and even insomnia.

Important things to Remember

You must massage every day. It’s likely that once you stop, your hair will return to the state it was before.

The massage has to be hard, and when I say that, it means you feel it being painful, but it’s a pain you know you can take.

My experiences with Massage

Massaging my scalp has been a miracle for me when it comes to stopping hair loss. Ever since I began doing it every day, I only lose a few hair strands, unlike before when my whole brush was filled with hair. You can usually notice a difference in a week or two after you do the massage. However, not massaging (as sometimes I do get slack) just makes the hair loss problem come back.

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