Live Life to the Fullest

Okay, here’s a little exercise. If you were given 10 days to live, write down 50 things you want to do. RIGHT NOW! Don’t put it off or say that you’re too busy to do it, or that this is silly. I really really believe this is going to be fun.

50 Things I want to do if I had 10 Days to Life

Do you want to meet someone?
Do you want to take a video of yourself and make it into a cool movie?
Do you want to paint your house orange with pink dots?
Do you have a location you want to go?
Do you want to say something important to someone, but have been too afraid to say it?
Do you want to reunite with someone?
Do you want to make up with someone that you’ve fallen out with?
Do you want to do something completely crazy and daring, like bungee jumping?
Do you want to climb Mt Everest?
Do you want to meet up with a friend you’ve spoken to online for years?
Do you want to explore a new city or town?
Do you want to dress up as someone you’ve always admired?
Do you want to do a whole makeover on yourself?
Do you want to colour your hair green or get a pink mohawk?
What are your Stumbling Blocks:

Now, after you’ve written 50 things, I want you to list 10 reasons why you haven’t done it yet.

Are you too busy to make the trip?
Are you ruled by fear, that you’re too scared to step outside your comfort zone?
Are you waiting for the right moment, such as “you will do this when…”?
Do you think that what you want to do is too silly, so you’re putting it off?
Are you always working or studying to do anything fun?
Do you think you’ll always have tomorrow to do it, so you don’t have to today?
Lesson I want to tell you:

Life is short, anything can happen to leave you with no tomorrow. Life is short and precious, and you only get to live it once as the person you are right now. I’m not saying this to scare you, but wouldn’t you hate to live with regrets? If there was something you wanted to say to someone, or that you wanted to meet them, think about this: What if they disappeared tomorrow? Would you regret not ever saying what you wanted, or making the trip to see them? Even if tomorrow rises for you, it may not for someone else. Don’t ever assume that people will stick around.

The question you need to ask yourself is: Am I living with regrets?

How can you get started with doing something you want:

Make time for it and start with one thing at a time. Instead of putting it off until next week or next year, do it right now. Just forget about anything else in the world at this moment, get this done.

Fulfill your dream, so that you have absolutely no regrets. Believe me, when you live life without regrets, you will feel so much happier!

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