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5 Ways to be Proud of Yourself

Being proud of ourselves is something we really need to feel. Many of us are pressured every day to be better, and often we end up feeling down about ourselves or that we’re not good enough. Let me give you five ways to help you feel proud of yourself and who you are, because you deserve it.

Create Something

One of the things that really makes me proud of myself is whenever I come up with an idea, whether it’s a recipe, website or even video, I go all out to create it, and then afterwards, it feels as if I’ve just accomplished something amazing! Sometimes, the feeling of creating something can be even described as that you’ve made a baby, and that is often how people feel! Ideas for things you can create: Websites, blogs, music videos, podcast, recipe, meal and lots more.

Fulfill a Dream or Goal

Have you always wanted to climb on top of a tree and scream “I AM ON TOP OF THE WORLD TREE!”? Have you always dreamed of going to for a vacation to California? (If you don’t live there of course!) Whatever your dreams or goals are, try your best to fulfill them, and then be proud of it, because YOU made it happen!

Help Someone who’s in Need

When you know that you’ve made a difference to someone’s life, you will be proud. Believe me, sometimes one of the greatest feelings is to be told that you were a help to someone else. Often, I find that helping others help yourself. When you’re feeling down about yourself, helping others can truly bring you confidence and show that you’re a good person. And sometimes, all you really need to do is to be there to listen and talk to someone in need, and to understand them. Remember, there are two ways to help and I believe they’re equally important, and that is to physically help or help them emotionally.

Overcoming a Fear

I don’t mean phobia, those are much more severe and I understand it’s not easy to work through phobias as easy as fears, but something you can do is think about what fears are holding you back. Is it fear of rejection? Fear that you won’t be successful? Fear that you’re not perfect? I know that when you can overcome fear, and step over that stone that’s blocking your way, you will feel extremely proud of yourself. For example, is fear causing you to not send an email you always wanted to or say the things you’ve been wanting to say? Sometimes, you need to think, what’s the worst that could happen?

Make something for Someone

The idea of making someone smile can be such an overwhelming, good feeling. I know this is one of the things I enjoy doing whenever I know what I’m doing, and that is to create something nice for a person that’s special to you in some ways. Whether it’s a big surprise on their birthday or just something small they will treasure, whatever it is, I’m sure that making someone smile will make you feel proud as well!

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