Secret to keeping Freshly Baked Bread Soft!

In the past two days, I’ve been baking a bit more bread as usual and I just discovered THE BEST WAY to keep read soft, at least the crust and such.

In the past, bread I’ve baked always turned out like stones after a while and let’s just say if I accidentally threw it at someone’s face, they’d probably get a black eye. Yes, that was how hard it was. The technique I found that really really works is:

Right after the bread is baked, wrap it up in aluminum foil straight away.

Do not let it cool on a rack or in open air, just wrap it up. I find that bread can even become softer after it’s wrapped for a while. It’s as if the water and hot steam gets trapped inside, making the bread even softer than it was after you just bake it.

Other tips in keeping bread soft:

Drizzle or sprinkle a little bit of water on top of the dough right before you bake it.

Keep the oven temperature below 375F.

If you want softer bread and don’t care about crust, don’t bake until everything is rock solid. Turn the oven off if you feel that the sides are browning.

Be sure to add some almond milk, sweet potato puree and such. These things seem to really soften up the bread.

Good luck with your baking!

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