Basil Plant

Revive your Wilted Basil

Withered Basil_PlantSeriously, I consider this a freaking MIRACLE!

(This was once completely DEAD looking!)

We bought a little pot plant of basil last week so I can cook, but for some reason I didn’t manage to use that one, so I left it behind my computer desk most of the day. Uh-oh, bad idea because when it’s there, I actually don’t SEE it, so I totally forgot to water it for a couple of days.

Guess what happened?

Yes, the soil was completely dry, and the leaves were all completely wilted and the whole thing looks dead and unsalvageable. Seriously, I was about to throw it, but I thought, I may as well just give it a huge amount of water and leave it for a day and see what happens. What have I got to lose anyway, besides a small cup of water?

So I left it there and forgot about it for most of the day again… That night, I went to check on it and I nearly died. Why? Most of the basil had come alive, it’s now a flushing, LIVE PLANT AGAIN.

I was just blown away. WTF? Was this a miracle of revival right before my very eyes?

How on earth? Because it looked SO absolutely dead, I seriously did not expect this. This just really made me realise just how fragile living things are, and how much it may need this one thing – water, and with it, look at just how fast it can flourish, but without it, they’re left to die.

So if you have wilted basil plants with roots in soil, don’t throw it, just give it a lot of water and you may witness a miracle too!

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