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Start introducing Green Juices and Smoothies

If you are on the path of health and drinking your green juices and smoothies, it’s time to share that information and let others know!

From my experience, it’s not that most people don’t want to drink it, they aren’t even aware that green juices exist. I remember that almost every person I talked to, such as friends or family, if I mention “green juice”, or “vitamix blender”, they’d be like: WTF?

It’s true that most people don’t even know the existence of these powerful, healing foods to actually try it.

If you have a spare moment, make your friend a green smoothie, or bring a green juice for them. Introduce the concept and show them that just because something has green stuff in them, it doesn’t have to taste horrible.

People need the tools for health, and two of them are a blender and juicer.

Perhaps this would be the perfect gift to give someone, instead of clothes, jewellery, DVDs and such, give the gift of health: Get your loved ones something they could easily make green juices and smoothie.

Action Plan:

1. Ask if they know about green juices or smoothies. (About 90% of the people I met don’t know)

2. When you get the chance, make them a FRESH green juice or smoothie (fresh ones taste so much better). You may have to up the fruits at first just so it’s a little sweeter, in case they can’t get used to the taste. Always introduce your FAVOURITE smoothie or juice. Be sure it’s filled with heaps of vegetables!

3. Let them know how you made it, what you used.

4. Talk about all the benefits you’ve experienced from green smoothies or juices.

4. If needed, give them the gift of a blender or juicer. It may even eventually save their life!

I was thinking just how pitiful it was that so many people don’t even realise there are easier ways to take in more veggies without forcing things don’t which we don’t even like. This goes particularly for kids. I’m sure it’s easier to get a young kid to drink a green smoothie that taste almost like ice cream than to eat a plate of green “rabbit food”.

So people, do try this. Spread the word! Green juices and smoothies need to go out into the world!

More people need to know about the miracles and healing benefits of them!

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