Changing Perspectives: Let the Worst become the Best

Sometimes, I feel that our view of whether this is the worst thing that has happened to us, or the best, completely depends on perspectives.

It can be very hard, but I believe with enough thinking, we can sway our minds into believing that a horrible situation was one of the best things that has happened.

Here are some examples:

Eating Healthy

Four years ago, I did not care at all what I ate. But then, I got these horrifying heart problems during sleep that scared me so much. I could say that I was one of those unlucky people who just had to get problems at a young age, or I could see that as a wake up call to help me become who I am today, feeding precious, nutritious food in my body and hoping to inspire others to do the same. In a way, I felt that these palpitations saved my life!

Sometimes, it really takes getting ill or having your life at risk to help you realise what you are doing to your body. If you told me to eat healthy four years ago, I would’ve just shrugged it off and laughed. Now, I will NEVER allow myself to eat junk food, and I do it out of my own will.

Long Distance Relationship

It seemed that most people I knew were happily with people in their own town, while my relationship was half the globe away. In the past, there were days when I just wanted to know why things had to be this way, but then I realised, I wasn’t even looking at this situation with the right perspective. What I really felt was, that I was LUCKY to have met the person I did, and long distance has helped us stay more determined and because I moved, I got to experience a whole new WORLD!

Who knows, maybe this experience helped determine my fate today, such as – it helped me reach where I am right now.

Problems I’ve Had

Every single problem I’ve had, ranging from shyness, anxiety to insomnia and such, I am grateful to have experienced it because now, I have knowledge that can make a difference to others.

Difficult Jobs

It seemed that almost everyone else was able to do jobs where they deal with people. So in other words, most friends and family members can work for other people, whereas for me, I simply couldn’t. I just felt that working for others made me so miserable that I saw no meaning for life. Those strong feelings got me down so much that I quit so many jobs.

But it was also because of how much I hated working for others, that lead me into discovering my true passion, and that is this website.

So in a way, I could thank my hate for jobs where I have to deal with people, because without it, I’d probably still be working there. Instead, I got to experience a dream job.

These are a few examples on how I was able to change my perspective and let something I thought was a bad thing become the best thing that has ever happened. This is something we can all do, to make our lives more meaningful!

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