Tips on how to Explore by Yourself

Are you afraid of going exploring by yourself? Perhaps you are like me, you have little or no sense of direction, you have something on later and you’re scared to death that you’re going to get lost. This was exactly how I felt, but for some reason, it turned out so amazing that I wanted to explore more.

1) You need a good quality, accurate map. My advice is to buy one, or get one that’s clearly printed. It will be your life saver!

2) Try not to fret too much about finding your way back. I know that I can’t reverse directions in my mind. What I do is, I just go there, have fun, go anywhere and not think about where I am. At the end, I will find what street I’m on, then look at the map and figure out how to go from there.

3) Give yourself some time, and be sure you have water.

4) If you’re really unsure of where to go,

5) While you’re walking, see if you can remember your surroundings as much as possible, because later on, you may find that you’ll recognise certain places. That way, you’ll know if you’re heading the right direction back.

6) There’s no one set way to go. You don’t have to follow 100% the way you came. Just know that streets do connect!

7) Focus on a large building where you can instantly see, such as it has a special name, sign, logo etc, and look for that when you’re finding your directiosn.

8) Go suss it out before you need to go. If you are meeting someone at a certain time, and you don’t know how to get there, I recommend that you go a day early (even if it’s just to find the bus/train station) to figure out where you need to go. Believe me, sometimes you can accidentally go the wrong direction and it takes about 30 mins to come back.

The biggest thing I must tell you is: TAKE A CHANCE! Before this, I absolutely dreaded the thought of me going off on my own to find a place. Now, I just want to bring on more adventures and after this, I feel that I can find just about ANYTHING. I feel unstoppable, like nothing in the world can stop me.

This is a really wonderful, empowering feeling and it will make you feel very independant too.

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