Travel Tips: Staying Healthy, the Plane Ride and Places to See in LA

I’m back from LA! OMG that was seriously an experience of a lifetime! I’m going to be writing about travel tips and such this week because that’s all that’s on my mind right now.

Plane Trip

Wear something comfortable, not jeans with belts (because they make you take it off and it’s a pain!). Be sure if you’re taking a laptop, don’t put it at the bottom where it takes a long time to get out, because you will need to take it out for security.

Don’t put anything in your pockets.

Bring headphones and food on the plane, particularly for a national flight, because they make you buy everything on those.

Eating and Drinking


(Curried Potato bowl – Dr J’s Vibrant Cafe)

Eating healthy does cost, and I advise you to at least put $40-50 on meals each day on the trip, that’s not including the hotel fee.

Do a search on organic cafe near where you are, because I’ve noticed that usually, organic cafes are vegan or plant-based.

Look for juice places. They cost up to $8-10 each, but are well worth it because of all the nutrients they hold. Usually these juice places also have smoothies. I recommend starting the day with a green juice (trust me, they taste AMAZING!)

Go to Dr.J’s if you’re in downtown, LA. Go to Cafe gratitude and Suncafe if you’re around the Hollywood area.

Book a hotel that’s close to at least one healthy cafe that you can go to every day.

If you are staying for a long time, you may wish to bring a portable fridge and hire a hotel with a mini kitchen, or bring your blender/juicer.

Be sure to look for markets around as even up a few roads, there’s a market selling gorgeous fresh fruits and vegetables.



Downtown, Los Angeles

Downtown is a brilliant shopping place and you get these districts for fashion, jewllery, toys and such where you can buy really cheap stuff for about $1-2, and they’re all wholesale prices. You’d never be able to find stuff like this anywhere else, or at least I haven’t been able to find them!

Downtown was also where I stayed (Stay at Main/Cecil Hotel).

China Town – If you want to see some lovely buildings, buy Chinese food and things, go there. You can easily walk there from Main St.



If you take the Metro train (red line) to Hollywood, Highlands, you get off and the entire street is filled with fun. There are characters dressing up and you can take photos with them (but you need to be prepared to tip them), and there’s that amazingly beautiful Chinese cinema and sourvenir shops everywhere. (Bring money!) There’s also a stairway you can go up if you go go slightly right after you get out of the train station (there are lots of shops all around too) and up there is a brilliant viewing place for you to see the Hollywood sign, but it’s very small so if you are taking photos, you probably can’t get much.

Universal Studios


Take the red line on Metro train and stop at Universal station and find that tall, black glass building and walk up, there’s a bus to take you to the city walk and universal studios. The citywalk is free and there’s a place you can do indoor skydiving (FLYING) for about $40 per minute and I know that’s expensive but for once in our lives, I believe we need to FLY! Going in the universal studios does cost a bit, so do bring money with you! The citywalk has plenty of awesome things to see and shops to look at.

Santa Monica Beach & Pier


Wow, that beach was absolutely amazing, thanks to Sue and Bob for taking me there. It even had an amusement park on the beach with roller coasters, Ferris wheel and other fun things. It’s great to shop, have a great meal and have some FUN there. There’s of course the beach where you can roll in the waves.

Things/Places you must Experience


Ifly – If you always wanted to fly, this is your chance.

Dr J’s Vibrant Cafe – One of the most best cafes I’ve been to, with the nicest, most amazing staff EVER and food that tastes like a piece of heaven.

Cafe Gratitude – Another amazing cafe with DELICIOUS foods that are healthy!

Metro Train – It can be a little bit of a challenge to find the train station because there’s really no large signs to say, except you have to see it in front of you. But once you know where it is, it’s very easy to get around.

Hollywood Sign – Seriously, you just have to take at least one photo of yourself near the sign.

Horse riding – Sadly I couldn’t go as it was hard to get to and not enough time but you can go horse riding around Hollywood. Sounds like the most fun thing ever.

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