Too Much is Never a Good Thing

Ever heard of these sayings:

  • Vitamin D is essential for bone health, but too much Vitamin D will cause hardened arteries and hypertension. Vitamin D can also be toxic when taking in large doses.
  • Protein is brilliant for muscle building, but too much of it will cause us to gain weight, get high cholesterol and our livers and brains would reduce in function.
  • Fruits have so many amazing nutrients and benefits, but too much fruit will cause tooth decay, too much weight loss and wasting of muscle tissue, osteoporisi, skin problems and thinning of hair. Obviously natural sugar is far better than refined, but moderation is the key. Too much will cause problems, because of how much sugar you’re eating.
  • Studies have shown that too much meat gives people 20% chance more to get cancer, as well as the high amount of saturated fat and cholesterol is extremely bad for the heart and can cause all kinds of problems there.
  • Water is absolutely important for a person to stay alive, but too much at once may lead to water intoxication and kill people.
  • Fibre has all kinds of benefits, such as preventing constipation and helping digestion, but too much can cause diarrhea, cramping and intestinal blockage.
  • Sleeping is crucial, without it – you’ve seen the suffering effects. However, too much sleep can cause problems like diabetes and heart disease.

A Story I was told in my Childhood:

There was this cook who tried so hard for years to make delicious food, but for some reason, he simply can’t. It tasted so bland and he ended up just giving up. One day, he passed by something carrying his food, which happened to be salt. A little bit sprinkled on his dish, and that day, he felt as if he found heaven. Never has he tasted anything so delicious. He went to search up what it was, and discovered it was the salt. He thought: Hmm, if such little bit made it taste good, then a lot must be even better. Therefore, he went to find it again and this time, poured a giant amount in his dish. I think you can probably guess the result or the look on his face when he tasted it.

Moral of the story: Too much of something is never a good thing.

It seems that for almost all things, no matter how good they are, must be taken in moderation. The body simply can’t tolerate too much of one thing, even if it’s considered extremely healthy. Overdoing something is very likely to reverse the positive effects.

Have you ever thought about why we get sick of certain foods when we have too much of it? Though it may just be that we love venturing out and tasting new things, but it could also be that our body is rejecting too much of something.

A great example: When I was young, I loved tiny teddy biscuits (kind of like cookies with teddy shapes), a really sweet junk food in Australia. They were my ultimate favourite things to snack on. Though for some reason one day, I bought a giant stack of them and ate far more than I did. Slowly, I started to dislike the taste. It simply didn’t taste as good as it did before, so I stopped eating them for a while.

Things to be Careful About:

Overeating is one of the easiest mistakes to make. Often, it takes about 15-20 minutes for our brain to register food and start feeling full. If we wharf down food in a couple of minutes, we won’t get that fullness feeling yet. That’s when we’re likely to get more food, whereas in reality, we probably ate enough but our body is still trying to process all this to send the signal that you’re full.

If you take some time to enjoy food, just take it slow and spend some time chewing, you may realise that you’ll soon feel full.

Overeating can be extremely bad for your health because too much food will stress out your organs. If you ever experienced nausea or vomiting due to too much food, that’s because your body literally can’t take it.

Long term overeating of any types of food can cause a number of health problems, such as heart diseases, gallstones and premature aging.

Another way to avoid overeating is making sure you can’t get to any food. So when you’re preparing food for yourself, do not make too much extra. Having the food sitting there is the biggest temptation and very few people can fight it.

Golden Rule: People should always eat until they’re 80% full.

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