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Why it’s important to Never live in Regrets

An experience has taught me to never take a single day for granted. If you love someone, tell them. If someone inspire you, or have changed your life, tell them too. People don’t know what you are thinking. If you want to meet someone, go and do it now. Never put it off, thinking that you have all the time in the world.

A single thing may happen overnight to change everything.

My story about why I will never live in regret:

In 2008, my grandfather passed away. He was one of the most important people in my life. He was everything in my childhood. I loved him so dearly, that I don’t think I could even express in words, but he lived in China and I lived in Australia. All we could pretty much do was to talk on the phone once a week or few weeks.

My greatest regret was right before he got ill, I kept thinking I had more time, so I didn’t even bother to talk to him on the phone. I just said, wait till next week. That has haunted me for so many years, that shortly afterwards, he got severely ill and passed away. I never got the chance to say goodbye to him, to tell him ANYTHING I wanted. I kept blaming myself: Why? I kept being angry with myself. Talking to him would’ve taken what, five or ten minutes? Why was I such an idiot, and never bothered?

The one thing I always ask myself was, why did I put things off, thinking I had all the time, when life changes in an instant, and we don’t know what might happen tomorrow?

For such a long time, I could not forgive myself. My grandfather was one of the people that basically BROUGHT ME UP! He was kind to me, he read me stories to try and get me to eat more, he stood outside the school for an ENTIRE day just because I was too scared and wouldn’t let him leave. He did so much for me, and what I did I repay him with? Not even giving up 5 mins to say something?

This seriously made me feel so terrible, for such a long time. I’m telling you this – to prevent you from making the same mistake as me.

It’s better to be prepared than to push it out

I know that death isn’t something people like to think about. In fact, I think what most of us do is push it completely out of our minds and pretend it won’t happen, but I will say from experience, just because you don’t think about it, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

I feel that the best way to deal with it is be prepared and spend as much time with someone you love and care about as you can. Even if it’s a simple sentence to make them happy! Believe me, when you’ve lived life with no regrets, you will feel better about everything!

If you have a dream, go and do it! Don’t ever wait until it’s too late. Believe me, life is how you make it. You can stay secluded in your little comfort zone forever, or venture out and take on challenges, but experience a life you always wanted. It’s worth it, and you are worth it!

I would NEVER ever want you to experience regret like I did.

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