Where do you find your Inspiration?

Before I start on where I find inspiration, I want to first define it. According to google, inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative.

Inspiration is so powerful and can change our lives for the better, but where can we find it?

Where I find my Inspiration

Nature – I often feel inspired just looking at nature, whether it’s the ocean, thunder or the sun. The beautiful scenery makes me think of wonderful things.

Inspirational Quotes – Recently, I’ve really enjoyed just going on tumblr, pinterest or random websites to find wonderful, inspiring quotes that talks about taking changes, loving life and such, each time I read them, I feel as if I’m bursting with life and energy.

Inspiring People and Websites – There are certain people and websites who has ways of thinking or talking that really gives so much inspiration, some of these include Bubzbeauty, Wellness Warrior, etc.

Asking Why – This is a wonderful way to find inspiration all on your own, that is simply to ask why in situations. Don’t follow everyone else’s thoughts and footsteps, you have the power to figure out more, by simply asking why.

Shows – Believe me, so many shows can inspire me to feel something I have never before, shows such as Seven of the Sky, Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei, Naruto, Gurren Lagann, Chinese Paladin and such share such wonderful messages about life, philosophies and love, that has inspired me so much.

Resilient People and their Stories – I’ve been inspired endlessly by people who are resilient, no matter what difficulties came their way and they never gave up.

Songs – Even though many songs are written about breakups, there are some beautiful, inspirational songs that are life changing in some ways, Delta Goodrem has plenty of inspiring songs.

Personal Experiences – Perhaps one of your own experience has inspired you to feel something, that has taught you something important about life. Often, we don’t truly learn until we’ve experienced.

Loss and Grief – Believe it or not, a loss can really inspire you, if you learn something from it. The emotions you experience with loss and grief are extremely intense.

These are just some ways I find inspiration. Where do you find yours?

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