15 Everyday Foods that may be Toxic

As an emetophobic, I’m always on the lookout for what food may make me sick. After discovering that candlenuts were toxic, I went to do some search on other foods that may be toxic if eaten the wrong way or certain parts, so here’s the list.



This fruit is mostly found in Jamaica and can be very toxic if they’re unripe. Also, certain parts of the fruit such as the arils and seed also contain toxins.

Apple Seeds


There’s a small amount of cyanide in apple, a lethal poison, but is usually protected from that hard coat found on the seed. If you eat a whole apple seed, it will probably just pass through, though chewing the seeds will make you become exposed to the poison. However, your body can easily detoxify small amounts.

Apricot, Peach & Plum Seeds


The large seeds (also known as stones or pits) of apricots, peaches and plums also contain cyanide, the same poison found in apple seeds. Eating small doses continuously may result in a weaker immune system and if the entire seed is swallowed whole, it will probably just cause a stomach ache as the coat of the seed is shielding the poison.

Raw Candlenuts


Do not eat raw candlenuts, period because it is toxic. Eating even up to nine nuts can make you severely ill. The symptoms of candle nut poisoning is nausea, stomach cramps and vomiting.

Cherry Seeds


Similar to apple seeds, cherry seeds also contain cyanide and if eaten in large doses can be very toxic.

Wild Mushrooms


Only trust mushrooms bought in the supermarkets, others are evil! Remember that. Mushrooms, no matter how edible they look in the wild, are likely to be poisonous. The Death Cap mushroom is one of them, which is lethal. Also, mushrooms that look very beautiful can be even more deadlier.

Elderberry Leaves and Stems


Stay away from elderberry leaves, seed, flowers, roots, bark and even unripened elderberry fruits, as they’re poisonous.

Green Potato Sprouts


Potatoes that are sprouting contain solanine, which can be very toxic even in small amounts. Only eat potatoes that’s not green and had all sprouts thoroughly removed, otherwise you may experience horrible symptoms of diarrhea, fever, cramps, vomiting and paralysis.

High Doses of Nutmeg


Adding a sprinkle of nutmeg to your favourite dish is great, but when you eat them in large doses, there’s a min-altering compound called myristicin, which can cause hallucinations.

Puffer Fush/Fugu


A deadly poisonous fish that if prepared slightly the wrong way, can kill people. In Japan, only specially trained chefs who own a license can prepare these.

Raw/Undercooked Kidney Beans


Raw or undercooked kidney beans contain a toxin called Phytohaemagglutnin, which will cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and all kinds of effects. It’s said that red kidney beans contain the most, and when cooked in low temperature in a slow cooker, can be 4 times more toxic. Do not eat raw or prepare it in a slow cooker. Be sure to at least cook for 10 minutes in boiling water.

Raw Lima Beans


Raw lima beans contain limarin, which can make someone violently ill if you only eat a handful, so they must be cooked very well. Same as kidney beans, be sure to at least cook in boiling water for 10 minutes and never toss it in a salad raw.

Cassava (Manoic Root/Yuca)


Cassava roots are rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, but it’s only safe to eat if it’s peeled and cooked thoroughly. Again, cyanide is the culprit behind the poisoning, and as little as two cassava roots prepared incorrectly can be fatal.

Rhubarb Leaves


Rhubarb stems/stalks may be edible but not hte leaves, as they contain toxic substance called oxalic acid and may cause breathing difficulties, nausea, vomiting, seizures and stomach pain.

Tomato Leaves and Stem


The tomato itself is absolutely fine, but be careful of the leaves and stem. It contain alkaloid poisons which can give you an upset stomach, headaches, make you dizzy. Do not eat green tomatoes either, as they may contain some of the poison.

Important to Remember

The purpose of this article isn’t to scare you away from eating certain food, but just help you get an understanding of what foods may cause problems and to be careful when you prepare them.

Remember to trust your instincts. Your taste buds are smarter than you think and trust that they know what they’re doing. Have you ever tried biting into a green tomato or raw bean? I bet it tasted so disgusting you couldn’t continue eating it anymore. That’s because your body is trying to protect you from toxic foods. A great example was a few years ago, my mother brought home candlenuts and I didn’t know they were toxic when eaten raw. I had one bite which wasn’t even half of a nut, and hated the taste so much I could not continue eating more. Good thing I didn’t because they would’ve made me severely ill afterwards, whereas my mother also didn’t like the taste but still ate it because she didn’t want to waste it. Here’s when I tell you: TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS RATHER THAN WORRYING ABOUT MONEY! Your safety is more important than a couple of dollars.

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