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5 Foods that may cause Sensitive Teeth

Since my teeth are always quite prone to sensitivity because of my excessive consumption of, erm, candies when I was younger. Unfortunately, that also means there are a lot of foods that may be fine for others, but aren’t good for me if I eat too much of it. Here’s a list of foods that caused me sensitive teeth when I had a lot.

Sweet Corn

I remember a lot of sweet corn at one stage, and then I felt that something was wrong with my teeth. Honestly, I hadn’t even thought of the possibility that it was sweet corn. But once again, I will remind you that as long as a food is naturally sweet, eating too much of it may cause some discomfort to the teeth. That doesn’t mean you should never eat it though, but having it in moderation is the key.

Purple Yams

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They’re delicious and healthy, but if you have too much of them, they may also cause sensitive teeth. I’ve had no problem eating a couple a week, but if I start eating a couple each day, then I would start feeling it. Purple yams seem to be much sweeter than sweet potatoes in general, so I recommend having them as a weekly treat if your teeth can’t handle it.

White Rice

White rice may not directly impact your teeth but my grandmother has had horrible experiences and she has never really been big on candy or sugar. However, she ate three large bowls of white rice at every meal, and all her tooth became sensitive and rotted away over time. I wouldn’t know if white rice can directly cause tooth decay but it’s best to avoid eating too much of it. Try having more brown rice, whole grains or multi grains.

Dried Fruits

I actually thought because dried fruits had no added sugar, they’d be fine. I was wrong. Some dried fruits are particularly high in sugar, such as figs and red dates. The problem is the concentration of sugar! Normally, you’d eat a bowl of fruits with about a handful of grapes. But when they’re dried, most of the water is gone, so you’re left with this tiny thing. Naturally, we’d eat a lot more to feel fulfilled, but that also means we eat a hell of a lot more sugar. My suggestion is, try and moderate the amount of dried fruits if you feel that they’re making your teeth sensitive. Some fruits are better than others, such as dried apricots.

Some 100% Fruit Juice

Grape juice would have to be the worst offender for my teeth. I remember thinking that grape juice would be healthy like red wine without the alcohol, so I bought a bottle. I hadn’t even finished one glass before I felt my teeth going into hyper sensitive mode. Grape juice probably has more natural sugar than most other juice, so I really just recommend eating grapes than drinking the juice. The second juice that seemed to hurt my teeth was acai. So far, having a small glass of pomegranate juice every other day hasn’t done anything bad to my teeth (yet).

Not everyone suffers from sensitive teeth, it’s just that some people seem to be more prone to it than others. Please don’t think that I’m saying these food are unhealthy and you should stop eating them. However, those with highly sensitive teeth may want to limit the amount to avoid teeth problems.

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