How to get your Kids to eat Vegetables

Is it hard getting kids to eat their vegetables? Here are some ways to help kids enjoy their veggies more.


Expose them at a Young Age

I’ve read articles that say that kids up to the age of 2 will eat anything but after that, they will not even touch anything new. So before they turn 2, try and get exposed to as many different types of vegetables as you possibly can.

Dipping in Nut Butter

Do make sure they’re not allergic first, but nut butters really enhance the taste of the vegetable, so try getting them to dip it in peanut butter first.

Muffins and Desserts

Believe it or not, you can actually put veggies in muffins and even cakes. I’ve put cauliflower in cakes and I’ve seen kale and zucchini being put in muffins. When it’s covered in sweetness, chances are the kids won’t even know vegetables are in there.

Cutting it in Cool Shapes

Try cutting carrots and other veggies into stars and other really interesting cool shapes, because it has been known that kids are likely to be more interested in shapes. Try flowery shapes, stars,

Adding Fun Stickers

Adding a fun sticker of something they love is a great way for kids to choose to eat vegetables.

Giving it a Cool Name

Instead of just calling them a carrot, you can call them X-ray Vision Carrots, and you’re likely to instantly get kids being interested in eating it.

Hidden Vegetables

Hide it in pasta sauces, soups and such so that it’s very hard to tell.

Repeated Exposure

It’s said that when kids are exposed to vegetables repeatedly, even if they didn’t initially like the taste, they will enjoy it more. So, try and get them to just eat a little more. You can encourage them to do that, bribe them and so on.

Blend Fruits and Vegetables in a Smoothie

If you blend vegetables with fruits, the taste is usually very sweet and a lot of people won’t be able to tell that there’s vegetables in it. In the mornings, I blend so many vegetables in that smoothie I wouldn’t even know what to eat more, and it’s an 100% valid, great way to eat it as it also saves time and ensures you’re not adding too much salt.


If you blend up some spinach and greens with fruits and nuts, you can totally make a popsicle that you cannot tell that has any vegetables. This will be a helpful way to have them feel that it’s a treat, yet it’s extremely healthy at the same time.

Make a Rainbow Together

Often when kids feel that they’re involved in the making, they are more interested in eating the food. So, try and get them to make a rainbow salad or roll.

Let them watch someone Eat it

Whe I was young, I’d always be interested more if I saw others eating it and act as if they love it. So, eat the veggies yourself and show a great example of how delicious they are.

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