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5 Sneaky Ways to Include Vegetables in Someone’s Diet


So you’ve got a husband, father, mother, or even grandmother who hates vegetables and eats a lot of meat because he/she loves it. You’re pulling out your hair each day, wondering just how on earth you can get them to eat healthier, let me give you some tips!

Dipping Sauce

If you know someone who really hates a certain vegetable, try making it into a dip because they may not be able to notice that distinctive taste they don’t like. My husband hates cucumbers and can’t stand the mere thought of it but he doesn’t mind Tzatziki, a Greek dip with yoghurt and cucumbers in it.

Stir fry

I know that people say frying food is bad but you do not need to put large amounts of oil or even wait until the wok is boiling hot. You simply put a bit of oil and vegetables in together and cook it in medium or even low heat. It may take longer, but it ensures that the oil doesn’t reach a very high temperature. You can even add water first and then oil later.


As I said in my previous post, salt is the key to making many people like the taste of vegetables better. Mainly because vegetables in their raw state can be bitter and many people can’t even stand a bit of bitter. Salt just gives vegetables a great flavour.

Smoothies or Popsicles

Certain vegetables can be made into juice or blended with other fruits to make a smoothie. For example, my green smoothie recipe has a lot of spinach leaves, and you seriously cannot tell when you’re drinking it. Add a bit of nuts and other vegetables, it will be sweet and you won’t even notice broccoli juice!

Chop it in tiny pieces

I find that works with my husband. He won’t eat certain vegetable if they’re large. However, if you mince it up or make it extremely small, he often can’t even tell he’s eating it. You can cook the same amount of asparagus in a large stalk and he won’t like it, but chop it into small circles, he won’t even know it’s there. And, you’re after all eating the same thing.

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