5 Sources of Inspiration

When it comes to blogging about health, happiness and food, I have five websites that are major inspirations to me, and I could say they helped me in many ways when it comes to blogging, recipes, photography and so many more, and now I want to share them so you can be inspired too!

The Wellness Warrior

Website: http://www.thewellnesswarrior.com.au/

I actually found this site because there was a picture shared on Pinterest about swapping food and I instantly clicked because I had believed in all those things. The very moment I stepped onto this site, I felt as if I had hit home. This website seriously awes me and every time I go on, I can’t tell you just how much motivation I get. The author’s story is incredible and very inspirational, and inspires me to do more with life as well! I also love the author’s philosophy on eating vegetarian to stay healthy.

Jess’s cancer survival story really makes a powerful impact on me as well! I know there are many skeptics thinking the opposite, but I believe in this story.

Oh She Glows

Website: http://ohsheglows.com/

This website is seriously one hell of an amazing website. I sometimes can spend an entire afternoon just going through the posts and recipes, feeling the wave of inspiration flowing all through me. This was one of the first websites I had came across when I started blogging and the recipes posted on this site almost changed my life in some ways, because I was able to see just how many things could be done to make such delicious desserts.

I have to say, even this website name was partially inspired by Oh She Glows!


Fat Free Vegan

Website: http://blog.fatfreevegan.com/

I had been on this website years before I even started or thought about doing this site. I just really enjoy the fat free vegan recipes on here and always find myself inspired by the amount of things I can do with vegetables. I’ve made a lot of food based on recipes from this website and they have turned out wonderfully!

Young on Raw Food

Website: http://youngonrawfood.com/

My mother had always been telling me about how eating a vegan diet with plenty of exercises can delay our aging, and seeing the photo of Mimi Kirk was like, “I found the proof that this diet works, and now I can share it with people, being proud that someone out there is following a healthy, vegan diet and is not malnourished, and is thriving at the age of 75, looking as if she’s so much younger. I also was extremely inspired to try more raw food after reading this blog, especially zucchini pasta!


Viva Woman

Website: http://www.vivawoman.net/

For my ultimate beauty sources, this website has it all! I first found this site when I was googling for a website that had a tofu tutorial I could link to and I just love all the natural things this website shares to helps with beauty. It really is just so fun to go through all the contents and trying out the recipes.

These websites are not only on my Feedly but also in my bookmarks, at the very front so I can access these websites easily. They are such amazing sources of inspiration and information, so please go visit them and spend a week or three absorbing the wonderful information!

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