List of Vitamins I Take

It’s always recommended that people take their vitamins from food rather than pills, but there are some which I simply don’t get the chance to eat. So I want to share the list of vitamins I take, as well as why I take them, so you can see if they will be any useful to you.

(Please don’t assume that just because I take them, you need to as well!)

Acidophilus Probiotic

Purpose: Heartburn

I started taking acidophilus not to cure my heartburn, but it was recommended for me to take it to avoid yeast infection while I was taking another pill, but for some reason, I came to discover it helped me greatly when I was suffering from heartburn/acid reflux. Also, because I don’t get the chance to eat yoghurt often, that’s another reason why I take them.

Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc

Purpose: PMS Symptoms, particularly mood swings

I have been searching for a cure for horrible PMS mood swings for the longest time, and I tried almost anything, ranging from vitex to evening primrose oil and nothing worked until I tried this. I felt as if it just took away my bad mood and made things happier. I’ve been taking this every day, although I’ve read studies saying that calcium may increase the risk of heart disease, if too much is found in the heart, so please always take calcium along with Vitamin D, magnesium, Omega 3 and Vitamin K so that it’s absorbed. Don’t take calcium if you already get enough in your diet.

Vitamin D

Purpose: Replacing the lack of Vitamin D I get.

A couple of times I went to the doctors and got a blood test done, the results came back that I was severely lacking Vitamin D, because I don’t get much sunshine where I live and it’s very cold for most of the year.

Omega 3 Fish Oil

Purpose: Heart health

Since I only eat fish once a week, I take these as supplements so I can still get the Omega 3. I limit myself to meat or fish only once a week because of my heart palpitations.


Purpose: Heart health

Again, I take this to help my heart palpitations because I always feel as if my heart is the weakest part of my body and needs all the attention it can get. Since I’ve heard that CoQ10 can strengthen it, I’ve been taking it since.

Ginger Root Capsules

Purpose: Anxiety related Nausea

I’ve been suffering from the worst type of anxiety related nausea for many years. The first time I ever took a ginger pill, I felt as if I had been missing this all my life. If only I had discovered it sooner, I would’ve have had all those panic attacks. It also helps me greatly because I’m emetophobic and deathly scared of vomiting, so this truly has been my life saviour.


Purpose: Heart health

They all say drink a small glass of red wine for good heart health and I tried doing that, but for some reason after drinking even one eighth of a glass, I’d feel a bit woozy. Since resveratrol is the healthy part of the red wine, I thought I’d just use the supplements instead.

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