How to Brew Premium Japanese Sencha Green Tea

So yesterday I got a packet of PREMIUM (yes, you heard me right, PREMIUM) Japanese Sencha, because I was so sick and tired of drinking yellow green tea. It costed about $10 for a small packet. What I noticed was it was wrapped in almost like a paper wrapping, rather than the regular plastic.

When I came home, I was eagerly awaiting to see what colour was those tea leaves and to my absolute joy and surprise, it was dark green! Y’know what that means? I’m gonna be drinking GREEN tea! Horray!

Anyway, I decided to look up how to brew it properly and will show you now.

How to Brew Premium Japanese Sencha Green Tea

1. Boil water either on the kettle or stove.

2. Pour boiling water in the teapot. I didn’t get a proper sencha teapot because I didn’t even know they existed. I just have a regular ol’ teapot!

3. Pour the amount you want to drink in the teacup. Then, toss out the rest of the water or use it for later.

4. Let the water sit in the cup for a minute to cool down, because you do not want to brew the tea in boiling temperature.

(Brewing it in lower temperature actually sweetens the taste!)

5. Add a teaspoon of green tea leaves into the empty teapot.

6. Pour the water from your cup back into the teapot. Be careful, if you’re like me – water is likely to spill everywhere.

7. Slowly pour the tea from the teapot back into the cup. Be careful because if you don’t have the proper teapot, the leaves will fly everywhere.

8. Enjoy your fragrant and sweet premium GREEN tea!

Don’t throw away the remains in the teapot, you can use that a couple of times!

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