6 Ways to Optmise Digestion

Digestion is really important, because it ensures the food you eat actually go somewhere! These are some tips on how to help your body optimise digestion the best way possible.

Chew your Food Thoroughly

This is really important if you want to help your digestion. Often, I ate carrots without chewing and felt this really stuffy feeling in my chest. I guess that didn’t go to well! So, whenever you’re eating, try and slow down, chew your food rather than gulp it down. I know this can be really difficult especially if you’re hungry, but you may also notice that taking your time to eat will help decrease the amount you eat, as it does take up to 20 minutes for your mind to realise that you’re full.

It’s also recommended that you chew your smoothies even!

Slow Walk, not Intensive Exercise

You may think it’s great to do a big run or intensive exercises after you eat to burn off the food, but that’s actually stopping your body from proper digestion, as now, the blood in your stomach that’s digesting the food need to be shared with other parts of your body that need it for the exercise.

My suggestion is simply go for a small, non-tiring walk.

Take Ginger

No matter what the cause of stomach discomforts I have related to bloating or nausea, ginger almost instantly fixes it and gives your stomach a very warm feeling. It aids in digestion, so I really do recommend either have fresh ginger with you, or take them in pills. They are a true miracle on your stomach.

Do not drink water while you’re eating a meal

Drinking water during the time you eat actually dilutes your digestion juices (those lovely acids that does their wonder on breaking down your food). The best time to drink, is actually 30 minutes before a meal. If you are drinking water, be sure that it’s at least warm or room temperature.

I know from experience that cold water and oily foods simply don’t mix.

Don’t Eat with Negative Emotions

If you’re so nervous about something you feel as if you’re going to be sick, this is not the time to eat. Your stomach will not be able to digest it properly, because hte blood is too busy for your stomach at that moment. Try and let it pass and eat later.

Save Fruits for Earlier or Later

Often, we like to eat a nice little bit of fruit after a meal, but that’s actually not doing your stomach too much good, as the other foods tent to take much longer to digest, leaving the fruits rotting in your stomach, which may cause even bloating.

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