The Health Benefits of Lemons

I love learning the health benefits of many foods, as it just makes me more excited to eat it. Lately, I’ve been crazily obsessed with lemons, and I will tell you why it should be something worth having!

Vitamin C

Just one lemon has all your daily Vitamin C requirements! Vitamin C is important for boosting your immune system and keeping those nasty flu and colds away, it also does absolute wonders for your skin, from protecting it to improving your skin tone. It can even reduce wrinkles and acne.

Natural Acid

The natural acid in lemons are a brilliant cleanser and their greatest job is to help your stomach digest. We all know that the stomach juices are acid, right? Well, let’s just say that the acid in lemons can also help do the job, and it’s antibacterial!

The Good Stuff

Look at all these awesome protein, fibre, flavanoids and minerals in lemons that help us maintain good health: Potassium, calcium, magnesium!

Balances pH

Believe it or not, although lemons have acid, it’s not an acidic food. It’s actually very alkalising, and that’s something we should aim at, because many diseases like cancer would find it hard to live in an alkalised environment.

Fights Fatigue

Are you always feeling tired? Lemons oil may help you stay more alert!

Citrus flavonoids

This wonderful thing in lemons is great for purifying and stimulating the liver, preventing cancer (or slowing it down), improving blood flow, maintaining healthy blood pressure, reducing inflammation, preventing calcium buildup in arteries and preventing kidney and pancreatic stones. It’s an all round benefit for your health!

Natural diuretic

Well, lemons can help you pee, and flush our those toxins you don’t need! Isn’t that just so nice for your kidneys?

As you can see, there are so many benefits but how should you eat it? It’s so sour! Well, I love having a warm lemon water in the morning, putting it in energy bars is great, and blending it in smoothies really give it that nice taste.

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