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Meditation can help Insomnia

As someone who often gets too restless at night, I am always on the lookout for ways to improve sleep. One of the new ways I find very helpful is to meditate.

What I do is sit slightly up, close my eyes, place my hands on my knee, and breath in and out many times. I also try and clear my mind as much as I could, so that no exciting or worrying thoughts are entering my head. What I tend to do isn’t to think of nothing, but to focus on something, perhaps breathing, or just being calm. Though this may be hard at first, you just have to practise.

Do this for a few minutes, and then try getting back to sleep. This technique may help you, as it has for me!

You can do this before you sleep, or after you wake up too early from your sleep.

How Meditation is suppose to help with Sleep?

It calms your mind from overactive thoughts. If you think too much about troubles or exciting things, your mind will probably keep awake. By meditating, you’re doing the opposite by disciplining your mind to calm down.

What is Meditation?

It’s interesting I did a google search for this word and about ten different definitions came up. I really don’t know which one is true, but let’s say it all has something to do with awareness. I feel that it has to do with finding some kind of inner tranquility, being able to really just let yourself go, and to enjoy silence.

Does meditating help you with insomnia? Do let me know!

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