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Is Food the cause of your Unhappiness?

You may be thinking: Happiness and eating are two completely different things, how can they be related? Let me just say that eating healthy may even be the key to happiness. Often when we’re devoid of nutrients, our brain stops functioning the way it should be. If we’re feeding ourselves food that aren’t giving us much benefits (for example, packaged foods, softdrinks, fast foods, etc), then we’ll get all types of symptoms. One of which may be depression, anxiety and mood swings, which equals unhappiness.

“The start to happiness may not always begin with looking positive. How will you manage that if your mind isn’t even wired for it? The most important thing to me, is to help your brain be as healthy as it can be, so that it can think positive without even trying.”

Here’s a Thought:

Often, we hear people say that to be happy, we must appreciate the good, and be positive. While those are great strategies, what if your brain simply can’t do it, because it lacks the resources?

I often think our mind is much like our physical body. It needs to be functioning properly as the first step. Let’s look at this example – if your body has lost its ability to determine hunger and fullness, can those feelings be trusted? People with anorexia may never feel hungry, and you simply cannot just tell them to get hungry. This is the same as our mental state. You can’t tell someone to feel happy, if their minds can’t physically do it.

The first step we need to take is to Eat Well

What we put in our mouths matters to the rest of the body. This includes our heart, brain, stomach, legs, etc. You may not realise, but your constant irritation, mood swings, fatigue, arthritis and cramps may even be caused by not eating what you should be.

My Experiences

Once in every month at least, I usually always get horrible mood swings from PMS, and I’m sure many people have experienced that it’s not very pleasant. What I hated was certain depressions that came for no reason and always made me feel bad, for no reason. If someone just said at that point, to think positive, it would’ve been useless. It’s like, I don’t know what’s causing this, how am I suppose to think positive?

Last month was the very first time in my life I started the green smoothie, which is my way of eating a hell of a lot more vegetables, because I just add them with the fruits. You must realise that when vegetables are combined with the sweetness of fruits, you cannot taste it. I can put all the carrots, Swiss chard, baby spinach and kale in my smoothie, as long as it has an apple, orange and some other fruits, it will taste perfectly like a thick fruit juice.

Ever since I’ve started on the smoothie, I’ve been feeling so good, and I mean so good in the mind! I didn’t really get those horrible mood swings that made me feel as if there was no point to life. I didn’t get depressed for reasons I would never know, and I didn’t get much anxiety at all! I usually can’t go to sleep at nights without taking a ginger, but now I’m just thinking – what ginger?

Remember This Quote:

“Let your food be your medicine, and let your medicine be your food.”

If we want to look at the root of unhappiness, we may have to start where we probably hadn’t thought of, our eating habits. Are we eating our fruits and vegetables? If not, my suggestion is to eat well, before you think about anything else. When your brain is working well, you can then trust what it’s telling you.

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