How to get Rid of Fear of Meeting New People or Agoraphobia

Sometimes when you’re really shy to meet new people or have agoraphobia and simply doesn’t want to go out, the best way to overcome that is by motivating yourself through something you absolutely love, that requires you to go out.

I remember a few months ago, some of my parents’ friends wanted to help me so they asked me to come to this meeting with random people who had the same situation. However, I was determined not to go because I simply wasn’t interested in something like this. That’s why I didn’t even really want to go.

Fast forward to a week ago, I just came back from LA all by myself. What motivated me to go? I LOVE the idea of traveling, to go shopping, and most of all, to meet some really awesome people. I actually had friends I knew in LA, and I was able to meet a voice actor I wanted to for a long time. The idea of going there was something I was extremely interested in, therefore the whole trip just felt like it was something I wanted to do.

So, I did it – and guess what? IT WORKED! Sometimes, getting out of shyness, fear of meeting people or agoraphobia really requires you to go out and do it, because once you do it, you may realise that it’s so much easier than what you think. It will give you much more faith in yourself!

Yesterday, I actually met a new friend, who lives next door. I’ve been living in these apartments for over 2 years now (perhaps?) and I have NEVER dared to go out and meet anyone new, but yesterday – I heard that someone opened the door outside, and I WALKED OUT. Yes, I DID IT! I made it happen. I walked out, talked to her and made friends. If I hadn’t chosen to walk out when I did, I would not have met her. We’d just be strangers forever.

What changed? The LA trip changed my life, because it showed me that sometimes, we just think things are too hard when in reality, they’re not – we’re just not exposed, therefore we’re naturally afraid. I wouldn’t have dared to go walking at a series of streets by myself in the past, but now – I feel so absolutely sure I can do it.

Your bravery and courage really does come from experiencing, so if you don’t experience, you seriously will never get out of feeling these fears (like I did!).

So, my point is: If you really want to get out of this fear of going out, or meeting new people, you need one of the greatest motivations. Maybe it’s that you can travel to a place you’ve wanted to all your life, or to meet someone you are absolutely dying to meet (and that will really make your life), or something that you are going to be so eager that nothing will stop you.

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