Come Healthy Grocery Shopping with Sus

Wanna come join me in the adventures of healthy grocery shopping? I made you all a video! I know the camera is all shaky but we were filming while we walked around (didn’t want to bring too much attention to ourselves, haha)

Hope this inspires you to buy healthy foods!

Check out my article: Updated Shopping List

(This will give you a full list of the things I buy)

A few Notes:

We spend about 65% of our time at the fresh fruits and veggies section, buying all types of greens and plant based foods. I usually get quite a lot of nuts but I didn’t need it this week. I love almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, cashews and such.

Sometimes, I will get egg whites for different types of foods, but I didn’t this week.

It was kind of hilarious when I went filming there, the dude inside was like, “are you filming a documentary”? Haha, and when we were outside taking photos, these people were all smiling. I guess they just don’t see things like this oftne, and it almost made me feel warm, because of the happy looks on their face.

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