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Ways to Decrease Sugar in our Foods

Less SugarI think our bodies can handle certain amounts of sugar but if you have too much, it makes us crazy. I don’t believe in using white table sugar at all because it just seems pointless if there are other things just as sweet but contain more nutrients.

However,I still think that most desserts can totally be less sweet and still taste as good, so I’m going to be offering some suggestions on decreasing sugar.

Ways to Limit Sugar in our Foods:

If you are preparing a dessert with several layers, such as I’ve seen lots of bars and cakes have a crust layer, a middle layer and a top. You really just need ONE layer to be sweet. If you are making a crust, you can totally leave that bland, as long as you have the middle sweet, you won’t be able to tell!

Get used to foods that are less sweet. That’s the best thing! I find that often, our tastes can be satisfied with a bit of sweetness. We really don’t NEED things to be too sweet to enjoy it. I’ve had fun making brownies that have half or 3/4 less of the amount of sweetener recommended in some recipes and still love it the same.

Try for no-bake versions. Baking does remove a lot of the sweetness and will make you add a lot more than you would usually add. Although a lot of it does evaporate, it’s still nice to know exactly how much you’re having.

Combine. What I mean by that is, say if you are going to eat dried fruits and a chocolate bar, what you can do is combine and make something new. That is, you can put dried fruit with unsweetened cacao or carob powder to make a new chocolate treat that cuts half of the amount of sugar you’d be having if you ate both of them separately.

Try and limit fruit juices as they contain a lot of concentrated sugar.

If you are following recipes for desserts (not on this website though as I really do try and cut down the amount of sugar), try and half the recommended amount of sugar and see how you like it. If it’s not good enough, you can always add a topping and make it sweet.

Have dessert only once a day. Instead of making enough for the week, make enough for the day. I find that often when I make a lot, I can’t control myself. But if I didn’t make a lot, I tend not to overeat.

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