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Create Happiness by Fulfilling Your Purpose

Have we ever thought, “what is our purpose in this life?”.

Perhaps many people are busy or have never particularly thought about it, but purpose is one of the biggest and greatest things anyone could ever have.

Have you ever watched one of those video game competition playthroughs were some of the earlier entries were bad, because it had no purpose? Have you ever watched a show which made you go WTF because it didn’t seem to have a purpose? I feel that people really love purpose. We want to know why we’re doing something and what it would bring. Having a purpose gives us the reason to do something, that will make us happy!

How do you figure out what your purpose is?

I actually don’t think it’s very hard to figure out what your purpose is in this life. You need to look at what you truly love doing.

I have two purpose in life. One is to use my knowledge and experience to make a difference in other people’s lives, and second is to spread Wuxia in the world. Both purposes are extremely different, but they are both things I love dearly and wouldn’t be able to live without.

Perhaps through your passion, you can also find your purpose. “What you were meant to do in your life!”

When you find your purpose, I bet that you will instantly know it, because that feeling won’t be the usual, “I have to learn this just so I can earn money or gave a secure job”. If you feel that way, then it’s definitely not your purpose.

I feel that what gives life the most meaning and what makes us wake up with excitement each morning, beaming with joy and wanting to take on the day, is if we’re truly fulfilling our purpose.

Often, it can take a lot of stumbles and failed attempts to find it. I know that at first, I didn’t know what it was either. I didn’t realise it until I had done it, and loved it so much that I know my life would be pointless if I gave it up! Often, my family would be worried that I gave up easily, or that it seemed like I could never find what I wanted to do, but think about this: If you gave up easily, perhaps you are still searching for YOU. Sometimes, you won’t find it instantly and it’s ALRIGHT to take time finding it.

In the past, I’ve tried all types of things that I simply didn’t like, and never kept going because I just wasn’t passionate about. To name a few: Teaching, web development (programming) and designing or taking commissions on Deviantart and making plushies. I never kept to them because I realised I just wasn’t into it. But it was lucky that I gave up on them, because if I had stayed, I would’ve just been doing something that didn’t make me happy.

It was through giving up on them, that lead me to discover my two passion: This website, and Wuxia Edge. These two websites are my life and I spend every waking out on it. It’s definitely work, because I’d need to create recipes, write articles, do research, take photos and edit them, it feels like the greatest thing in the world and I never once feel as if it’s “work”.

For those people who can relate to my earlier experience, my suggestion is never stop searching for your purpose. Life is short, and we can’t waste it on doing things we don’t like. Happiness is found often, because we found our true passion and what we want to do in life.

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