Five Great Inspirations that Changed my Life

In life, only a few people, shows and things have truly inspired me to be the person I am today. I wanted to write a post about my five great inspirations, and perhaps they could inspire you too.

Seven of the Sky

I basically base my life philosophies on this show. It’s about selflessness, the act of persistence, never giving up and most of all, it has changed and inspired my views on love, not only romantic love, but love for everyone in my life. This show is the ultimate inspiration, and changed my life for the better.

Jess Ainscough

Going on her site changed my life, completely! This was the first time I realised that my food philosophies were extremely similar to someone else, and that I was just able to find so many new ideas. It really was the food swapping info graphic that caught me, when I realised that eating healthy doesn’t have to be a drag, and that we could enjoy it just as much because there are so much nourishing foods that taste good, if only we knew how to make it right. This was what inspired me to create a lot of the raw vegan desserts I did!

My Teachers

Teachers from St James College

Who made such a difference in my life!

I actually owe a lot to my highschool teachers, because they were so encouraging when I was young and not thinking too much about myself. They always told me how well I did, how talented I was, and because of that, I really did believe it!


I’m not talking about Bubzbeauty the channel, but Bubz the person. She inspires me because often, I can just listen for hours to her inspirational videos and agree on every single word and feel as if I’ve believed those things all the years, and someone has finally confirmed that I’m not so crazy for believing in them. She makes me feel really empowered, as if I can do anything! I simply love what this person is doing, spreading positivity to the world!

Steve Prince

I’ve always had an admiration towards voice actors and I will NEVER ever forget how good it felt, to send a long message and getting a reply equally long. Out of every single voice actor I’ve admired, he’s one of the only people who actually replied in full and really included me in many of the fun events back in the time, such as his own radio show. I have never felt so included, particularly for a person I’ve watched onscreen. I’ve made it a goal in life to meet this person, and you wouldn’t believe how much motivation I get because of this goal!

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