5 Fruits & Vegetables to add to your Morning Smoothie

I’m always on the lookout for new and awesome veggies to add to my morning smoothie because it has seriously changed my life for the better. I’ve never been happier (my skin has never been happier EITHER) and I just feel so energised and ready to do anything. I’ve discovered some more awesome goodies to add!


Water cress is known to benefit fighting cancer, and it also helps vision and heart health. Can you believe, it actually has more calcium than whole milk?

Purple Cabbage

I never really realised just how powerful purple cabbage is in the past. There’s something called Anthocyanin polyphenols, which has a brilliant anticancer effect. It also helps lower cholesterol, and the amount of B6 and Vitamin K in there is wonderful too!

Swiss Chard

Swiss chard is packed with nutrients, including Vitamins K, A, C and magnesium, potassium, iron and fibre.

Lemons (rind included)

Lemons do wonders with detoxing our bodies and giving us the amount of Vitamin C, but did you know that the rind has about five times more nutrients than the actual lemon? Plus, they give a strong, delicious citrus flavour. I always add about half a lemon, rind included (seeds removed though).


I don’t think those are well known yet because I did not even know what it is, but they are great helping with digestion, they help your good bacteria a lot, and there’s heaps of antioxidants to improve your immune system. Not only that, it has lots of B vitamins, folate, beta carotene, iron and phosphorus.

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