Inside Hangawi Restaurant

Dining Experience at Hangawi in New York City

HanGawi RestaurantOMG, I think I found a new favourite restaurant!

Yesterday, I went to Hangawi, on the way to the New York Comic Con! I found this place through Happy Cow and really wanted to go, particularly that it was vegan/vegetarian.

The first thing I noticed was just how beautiful the place was. It felt like a cultural experience as well, as the first thing they asked you to do is take off your shoes to enter their world. It was just so fascinating and awesome.

The seats were placed in a way that it’s like you were sitting on the ground. The tables were also very close to the ground! I really loved all the fresh flowers and candles around the rooms.

So what we ordered –

For appetiser, we had:

Tofu balls in sweet and sour sauce

Kale pancakes

They were both out of the world delicious, and has inspired me to want to make pancakes with kale because I hadn’t even thought of that!

Onto the main course –

Fragrant Bamboo RiceBamboo rice with miso soup

OMFG the bamboo rice was so absolutely delicious I am craving more already, the only thing is, there’s a very small amount, and it costs $26, so if you bought it thinking this is a lot, you may be disappointed. However, it also came with some greens and miso soup!

Crispy Mushrooms in Sweet and Sour Sauce

WOOOW the crispy mushrooms really tasted like chicken! I absolutely loved this!

Finally for dessert, we got a black forest cake and that was so divine, I can’t even put into words!

Anyway, Hangawi was amazing, the food was so delicious, though a little pricey, so you will need to be prepared that you may be paying for less than what can really fill you.

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