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Technique for Dealing with Noisy Neighbours when it comes to Sleep

Do you have noisy neighbours who like to crank it up with heat at 3am, or talk nonstop till the morning? I do! The worst par


t is, I can almost hear exactly what they’re saying, and it can be extremely difficult to get to sleep with them talking all through the night.

However, I do have a really amazing technique that I think will help anyone, as it even helps someone like me who finds it hard to sleep with any sound.

The technique is: Turn on something that makes a constant sound.

For me, it’s the air conditioner/heater. It makes this not so loud, but not so soft constant buzz sound, that’s relaxing to listen to, yet it drowns out the other noises. I find that with that sound on, I can barely hear anything they’re saying, but the consistency of the buzz sends me to sleep.

I think what people need are either constant noises or complete quietness. Whenever there’s bouts of talking on and off, it keeps us alert. I guess we were trained to stay alert when people talk, as back in the old days, it can be a sign of danger, and I believe we were programmed to stay alert for those types of things, whereas a constant buzz sound just tells us things are okay.

If you don’t have something that makes a constant sound, you can probably even download it online and just play it back.

Other techniques you can try:


Talk to the neighbours nicely about it, tell them that you can hear what they are saying, and if it’s alright, can they talk a bit quieter at night.

If all else fails, bang something to the wall where the sound is coming from, sometimes they get the message. (We did that when they were playing music at 4am in the morning).

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