Strategy: Too Many Choices and Can’t Decide?

This is a technique that really works for me and I want to share it with you.

Sometimes, you’re faced with choices. Whether it’s someone giving you a list of places to go, you’re looking at a costume set with eight pieces but you can only choose two as you ran out of mone

It’s always harder to lose something than to gain it.

Your mind doesn’t really like letting things go, at least my experiences have taught me so. If you were giving a choice of five things and you’re trying to pick out what you DON’T WANT, that’s going to much harder than having those same five choices but only choosing what you want.

Believe me, it works!

Let me give you an example: A few years ago, I was sorting out files on my mp3 player and trying to delete some unnecessary songs which were taking up too much space. I was looking at the list of 200 songs and trying to decide what I didn’t want. It was seriously difficult, I ended up only deleting 30% of what I wanted to delete altogether. Then, I tried something. I selected all of the songs, pretending that I wanted to delete them all, and only unselected the songs I wanted. I couldn’t believe how simple and fast it was. Suddenly, I was able to choose!

That process was so much easier for some reason!

So, if you’re faced with multiple choices and you don’t know what to take, nstead of pretending all the options are yours and you’re simply choosing what you don’t want, try pretending that none of it is yours and you’re simply deciding on what you do want. It may save you a lot of time!

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