Jyoti Indian Restaurant Wayne

Eating at Jyoti Indian Restaurant

Jyoti Indian restaurantAddress: 24 U.S. 46, Wayne, NJ 07470

I love recording my dining experiences at restaurants I go. I have to say, Jyoti was a wonderful place I had a delicious meal at yesterday.

It was my hubby’s birthday so we went out to celebrate it going to one of his favourite restaurants.

Look at how fantasy and pretty the place is!

I love taking photos of the menu. Sadly many of the dishes contain cream, and I don’t eat cream as it upsets my stomach too much.

For appetiser, we got a really crispy thin chip-like thing to dip in their homemade chutney, which was absolutely amazing.

The chutney was made from onions and tomatoes, I seriously wish I knew how to make that because it was the only time I tasted onions that aren’t spicy!

We also had a wonderful bread called the Naan bread.

They had really delicious tasting rice called the goat biryani. (At least, I think that was it!)

I ordered the Bhindi Masala, with whole okra stuffed with exotic spice and cooked with onions and pepper. OMFG that was DIVINE! I mean, divine. I laughed at their level of spiciness, and I got the extra hot. I think there’s only one level above, which was called “FIRE” and I think that may just kill my tongue, haha.

We got another type of rice as well, called the Rice Pullao, it’s lightly fried rice with peas and some cumin seeds. WOOOW seriously I LOVE the rice!

A wonderful experience, except I ate way too much because everything was just too good! I really do look forward to trying more Indian food as I love the whiff of curry you smell as soon as you walk inside it.

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