Avoid Overeating: The Big and Small Plate Illusion

Yesterday as I was on Facebook, I saw this post that really caught my attention and I totally think it could benefit all of you, so I will share it here.

Did you know that our minds can be so easily tricked? You can totally get away with eating on a slightly smaller plate, and feel that you’ve eaten more. This has to do with the illusion that because there’s a lot of space around the big plate, our minds think that there’s less in there, whereas a smaller plate actually makes you feel as if there’s MORE!

(Switching to the smaller plate may help you feel fuller faster!)

Check out this illusion:

Which vertical line is longer? They’re actually the same size.

Often, our eyes get tricked because of the surrounding. If you dip one finger in warm water, one finger in cold water, and then dip them both in room temperature water, you’ll FEEL the difference.

It’s interesting that I read that our eyes are the ones that count how much food you’re eating, not our stomach, perhaps the eyes are giving the body signals, and if it thinks that we’re eating too little, we go into that survival mode and that means, we’ll want to “EAT MORE MORE MORE!”

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