Health benefits of Kale

Kale is one of the healthiest green foods you can eat. I didn’t even know that much about it a while ago, and now I have at least two leaves every day, raw! I simply put it in my blender with fruits to make a smoothie out of it.


If you think beef has all the iron, you haven’t seen kale yet, because it actually has more! Iron is really important for proper development of the body, as it does a big job with making red blood cells. If you don’t have enough iron, you may become anemic or easily get tired and lose concentration.

Vitamin K

Kale has plenty of Vitamin K, which is really important for pretending plaque and heart disease, osteoporosis and blood clotting.


Lots of antioxidants found in kale has the ability to fight cancer and protect your cells from aging.


If you get lots of arthritis, heart disease and things like that, your body may be inflamed! Well, that’s another reason to eat kale since it does the exact opposite!


The fibre in kale will help you with constipation and go to the toilet easier!


Kale has more calcium than milk! Which is really important for bone health and growth. What better way to take your calcium from natural sources like this?

Vitamin A

Kale has lots of Vitamin A, brilliant for your eyes, fighting diseases, strokes and even skin problems.

Vitamin C

Kale has plenty of Vitamin C as well, which is particularly important for strengthening your immune system and improving your skin!

In addition, kale is a brilliant detox food and can help lower cholesterol! Seriously, you just have to have it! It will make a big difference to your life.

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