Experimenting with different types of Rice

I’m a huge rice lover and I have an obsession with eating rice every day! Over the years, I’ve experimented with quite a number of rice, and would like to give my rating on how good they taste and what I used them for.

(Ranked in order from highest nutrition to lowest, and best tasting to least)

Dark Coloured Rice

These rice are usually the super rice that’s very rich in nutrients and antioxidants because little milling has been done to the rice. I recommend eating this at least twice a week!

Red Rice

Taste Rating: 5/10

I use this in porridge, when cooked on its own – it can be a little hard. However, this is used frequently to make desserts.

Wild Rice

The only rice out of the bunch I have yet tried, which I will one day!

Black Rice

Taste Rating: 5/10

Black rice is considered a super food because of its rich antioxidants found in the brain that normally gets removed. It’s sometimes called Forbidden rice because only the Emperors were allowed to eat them in Ancient China. I recently started using this in my porridge as well and it’s almost the same taste as red rice. However, if you use this rice, do not expect your entire pot of food to be anything but black so if you’re hoping to make white rice and black rice to look their colours, cook the separately.

Try my Recipe: Black rice porridge and Vegetables/

Brown Rice

This is the category of rice I eat most daily, because I like to eat rice with more nutrition and not just starch with everything stripped away.

Lightly Milled Short Grain Brown Rice

Taste Rating: 8/10

Lightly milled short grain brown rice is the most delicious brown rice there is. It’s much softer and easier to cook than regular brown rice and taste almost the exact same as white rice. I eat it daily with vegetables and other food I cook.

Regular Brown Rice

Taste Rating: 5/10

These ones are pretty hard and can take ages to cook. I tend to use this if I can’t find the brown rice above.

Jasmine Brown Rice

Taste Rating: 6/10

Jasmin brown rice taste a bit better than regular, and has that nice fragrant smell. I use this for special dishes such as masala.

Basmati Brown RIce

Taste Rating: 3/10

My husband loves this rice but i personally don’t really like the taste because it’s too soft and unchewable. He, on the other hand, love things that way so it’s probably his favourite.

White Rice

White rice is definitely the most delicious but unfortunately, it has the least nutrition. My advise is don’t use this as an everyday rice, but cook it once in a while for delicious treats like sushi or fried rice.

Short Grain White Rice

Taste Rating: 10/10

This is the most divine rice ever, and I love using this for sushi and fried rice.

Broken White Rice

Taste Rating: 7/10

This has a distinctive “brokenness” taste because the grains are in very small pieces. I particularly loved just eating it on its own.

Glutinous Rice

Taste Rating: 7/10

Mmm, these sticky rice is delicious, perfect for treats like Zongzi.

Jasmin Rice

Tasting Rating 6/10

This isn’t as tasty as the others but still gives off a brilliant fragrance and I enjoy it from time to time.

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