Positive Thinking Tip: How to Stop Focusing on what you Don’t Have

Often, the secret to staying happy and positive is to be grateful for what we have, and to stop focusing on what we don’t have. But how do we do that? For a long time, I’ve struggled with not knowing how to think about what I have. Instead, I put way too much focus on what I didn’t, and that lead me into feeling quite miserable.

For example: If I made two posts, I’d be always worried if one wasn’t “commented” as much, or “liked”, thinking that it must have been terrible.

In fact, this is a very dangerous way of thinking and I’m going to teach you a strategy that will help you get out of it. At least, I hope it does, and this has worked for me so far.

What you need to do is continuously remind yourself of what you do have.

For example, you posted two articles, and one gets liked 15 times and the other gets liked 3 times. Instead of thinking, “Look at this crap, it must be so horrible that nobody likes it”, you need to think: “Hey, I am grateful for the THREE PEOPLE who took the time to read it, and liked it.” If you continuously focus on the what you do have, you may just find that you’re putting less focus on what you don’t, which in return, less focus often means that you don’t feel as miserable or paranoid.

Please try that next time, by simply repeat in your head or speak out loud, what you do have.

That’s with anything, it can be as small as ONE PERSON. Be happy and grateful this one person likes it!

Remember this and repeat to yourself:

I am grateful for what I have, and I will focus on that rather than what I don’t.

One thing I want to mention is that often, it’s not a good idea to stop thinking about something. That doesn’t work as our minds need something to think about. What we need to do is divert it with other thoughts so that our minds don’t even get the chance to think those negative thoughts, and that’s what we should work on!

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