Vegetable Broth Kitchen Scraps

Make Vegetable Broth from Kitchen Scraps

What you can use: Sweet potato skin, potato skin, any peeled vegetable skin, leftover carrots, zucchini, onion, mushroom, celery, cabbage stalks, cauliflower/broccoflower leaves.

Vegetable_Broth_Kitchen_ScrapsDirections: Chop everything in smaller pieces and fill a huge pot with water. Bring it to a boil, then turn it to medium low (3-4) and gently simmer for two or three hours.

Yesterday, I made a huge batch of fries and because I peeled the skin off, I had almost a big bowl of potato and sweet potato skin. I also wanted to make something with vegetable broth today and found that I have none, so what perfect way to use up those scraps than to make it into a broth?

I then went scrounging around the kitchen for more things as I thought vegetable broth always tasted better with a variety. I found some old, half onions that I had left in the fridge for a while which I had forgotten, half a giant carrot that was also left from everything, so I put those in.

Then I had another idea, you can totally cut the stalks from cabbage (which you usually wouldn’t eat) and the giant hard leaves and stalks from cauliflower/broccoflower, as most times we throw those away as well. So there I go, cutting those up.

Now, I’ve boiled a giant batch of broth from nothing but stuff I would probably have thrown away (or forgot about). What a brilliant way to not waste food. If you have leftovers, I totally recommend that you try doing that.

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