5 Quick and Healthy Vegan Dessert Ideas

Himalania Goji Berries

I saw the packaging and instantly became hooked because of how high quality this looked. Goji berries are very delicious tasting on their own, and what better snack can you get besides a packet of this super fruit that has so much benefits like antioxidants that keeps you young, and other awesome benefits I wrote about here. The best place to buy this is on Amazon.

Frozen Banana Sandwich

I saw this idea on Blogilates and thought it was perfect, just cut up some frozen bananas, then add some nut butter in the middle. WOW, frozen bananas sure taste amazing, I would’ve never even thought of that before. It’s so creamy and really does give you the feeling as if you’re eating ice cream.

Chocolate Mousse

Ron Russell from Suncafe is brilliant with raw vegan food and this is such a great idea I have to applaud it, you only need three ingredients for this: Dates, avocados and cacao powder/carob powder. This really gives the buttery feel and believe me, when you have enough dates, you won’t be able to taste the avocado!


Banana, Avocado & Leafy Green Smoothie

It was only when I went to Dr.J’s Vibrant Cafe in LA that I discovered the magic taste of avocado and banana juice, along with baby bok choy and baby spinach. I absolutely loved the subtle sweetness, the creaminess and everything, so when I got back, I started making smoothies with avocado, banana, baby spinach, kale and water, and the taste is most the same! It is so simple to put together, and it’s filling and DELICIOUS!

Raw Vegan Protein Bars

These are so simple to make, because you’re literally just using ingredients and grinding them up, then kneading them into the shape of a bar, and you can eat it right away. There are so many superfoods, natural sweeteners, seeds and nuts you can use that will keep you in top shape. Examples include: Chia seeds, hemp seeds, spirulina, dates, almonds, goji berries, sunflower seeds, oats and many more.

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