If you want to stay Healthy, Listen to your own Body

Often, we overlook what our bodies are telling us. In fact, even when we’re not getting enough sleep or eating properly, our bodies often show symptoms. The important thing is that we recognize these symptoms and do something about it!

Not getting enough Sleep

You may experience stuffiness on your chesta slight discomfort around your stomach area, light lightheadedness, dizziness, irritation, mood swings, headaches, memory loss and  poor concentration. Usually, you’ll feel this if you wake up an hour or two earlier than usual. You may also feel light headed or dizzy. Sometimes after getting up an hour or so, these symptoms may increase. You may even find it hard to open your eyes. That’s a sign that you should go back to bed, even if it’s for an extra hour. Often, we only really need one more our to fulfill the amount of sleep we need. It will make a big difference!

Sometimes, craving for sweets can be a sign of poor sleep. Many people crave a simple carbohydrate when they’re tired for a quick energy boost. So instead of getting out those chocolate bars, see if you can improve your sleep.

Not Eating Well

Not eating well is quite common when we’ve got all this delicious junk food out there, which we can’t help but love. The body will give various signs that it’s screaming out for help!

  • Sensitive Teeth: Often, overeating sweets can cause your teeth to feel sensitive, particularly at hot or cold stuff. You will feel as if your teeth are sore when you’re eating fruits, or drinking something cold or even when you’re outside in the cold air. This is a sign to cut back on sweet and acidic foods
  • Acne: Sometimes, unhealthy eating habits show show up on our face. Often, those humongous, red, large and sore zits show up when we’re eating unwell. Be sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables!
  • Constipation: If you’re always constipated, you may need to be a mathematician and work it out with a pencil. Or, you could look into eating more fibre in your diet, they’re rich in many vegetables and legumes.
  • Heart Palpitations: Perhaps you may feel as if your heart is in pain, beating too slow or fast, about to stop or even zapped by electricity. Sometimes, an unhealthy diet can cause the heart to not properly.
  • Gaining Weight: Gaining weight can be a symptom of overeating, eating unhealthy foods and not exercising enough. Being overweight can cause all kinds of problems, such as sleep apnea, snoring and clogged arteries.

Stress and Anxiety Related Problems

Craving for certain comfort foods such as cream, mashed potatoes, ice cream or cheese can mean you’re stressed, anxious and needs to be soothed. These high fat and carb foods boost serotonin, the hormone which makes you feel good.

Obsessive, compulsive actions like washing your hand multiple times in fear of being sick may be a sign ofsevere anxiety. I feel that sometimes, addressing what you truly fear is more affective than treating it as a mental illness.

Nausea can often be a sign of nervousness and anxiety. Sometimes, they may even come for no reason. Ginger tablets help a great deal.

Whatever your body is trying to tell you, my advice is always listen to it. There’s usually a reason for you to feel a certain way. Just like our taste buds are made to detest bitter because many plants were toxic. Your body gives you little signs that can sometimes be easy to miss if you don’t pay close attention.

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