HIT Exercise
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Include 5 minutes of HIIT (High-intensity interval training) Exercises Daily

Whether you already do a workout or not, I believe this will truly do you good.

How HIIT Exercises are done:

HIIT exercises are literally like how it sounds, HIT! Yes, it’s intensive, tiring and will probably have your heart pumping like you’ve never felt before, and make you break out in sweat.

You can choose an exercise that will really make your heart rate go up. Some examples include: Sprinting, jumping (Particularly with a jump rope) and burpees.

Do it for about a minute, take a short rest, do another minute and repeat the process until five minutes are up.

I guarantee that although the time is short, you’ll feel more tired than doing 1 hour of walking!

Because of the high intensity of these exercises, you’re doing a lot more fat burning on your body.

HIIT exercises are usually anaerobic – fast and non-stop. When you’re doing them, you’ll find that you won’t be able to breathe very easy. Anaerobic exercises help you build muscles, heart endurance and many more.

Ideas for HIIT Exercises:

Go out on the street. If you can do it with someone, it will be even more fun! Go race them down a straight road and run as fast as you can.

Do 50-100 (however many you can) fast jump ropes without stopping.

Jog in place for a minute, then have a short rest, and do it again.

Do as many pushups as you can without falling over. (You may need a lot of practice to build up arm muscle).

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